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WarpComm is a joint effort of three market leaders in embedded computing:


The software for the WarpComm platform is provided by kernel concepts and include bootloader (U-Boot), Linux kernel, filesystem and cross-toolchain

For commercial support offerings and/or purchase of the µCross embedded Linux software package contact info@kernelconcepts.de

WarpComm Hardware

The WarpComm hardware, i.e. the TK71 CPU module and the matching baseboard, have been designed by Ka-Ro Electronics.

Ka-Ro especially provides custom hardware design and in-house manufatcturing. So if you are interested in your onw customized TK71 baseboard or a custom TK71 module, get in touch with them!

Hardware Parts, Project Lead

Many of the hardware compononts of the WarpComm platform are supplied by Avnet-Memec, a leading dstributor for high tech silicon and especially Marvell parts. Avnet-Memec initiated the WarpComm project and took the project manegement lead.

Hardware - CPU

The core of WarpComm is the Kirkwood CPU by Marvell.

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